Quasar, Inc

Efficient Network Design

The design and implementation of a telecommunications network can be a complex endeavor. Quasar's experience, processes, production and Quality Control produce cost efficient designs that accomodate an operator's needs. Since 1997, Quasar's trademark design efficiency and service offerings have set a benchmark in the industry.

Global Reach

5 Continents | 30+ Countries | 100+ Cities

Quasar's designs have been implemented in hundreds of cities across the globe - Let our experience work for you.


Quasar, Inc. provides high quality design, implementation support, and related services across a multitude of PNI/GIS platforms utilized by the telecommunications industry.

Design Services

Plant Network Systems

The Quasar design team has engineered hundreds of thousands of miles of network systems across the globe. For more information click here.

Field Services

Single Source Solutions

Quasar has the capacity to conduct strand or asbuilt field work worldwide. Make ready, permits, and other engineering services are also available.

Consulting services

Let our experience work for you

Quasar will analyze existing system needs, requirements and growth to determine the best approach for an operator to stay competitive and franchise compliant.

Complimentary services

Complete Solutions

Quasar offers training, programming, management, troubleshooting support, software editing, and more. In an ever-changing industry, let our experience work for you.


Broadband Network Design for the Telecommunications Industry